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Far Reaching Hills & Endless Adventure

Every year we host an annual Snowkite Summit up here in the Bighorn Mountains. The event has become so popular that we now offer an event in Feb called the Snowkite Masters. Our region features a trifecta of perfect kiting conditions, the first and foremost being the snow. The Wyoming High Country Lodge is located at 9,000 feet above sea level, and we receive over 200 inches of snow annually! The snow arrives here early and sticks around very late into the season. November through April typically has great kiting conditions. Our terrain is loaded with endless rolling hills, basins, and bowls which allow for especially long and smooth gliding. It is a perfect set up for beginner through advanced kiters. As a result of the landscape, stronger winds are able to set up without being blocked, creating less turbulent patterns and allowing for greater kite control.

If you don't have transportation while on the mountain, don't worry, we've got you covered! During our events we charge only $10 a day for transport.  If you can't make it to a scheduled event we can offer transport each day to smaller groups for only $150 a day.   We are happy to drop the gear trailer at your kiting spot, and leave it there for the day so that you not only have a place for all your kit, but you can also get out of the elements for a break. When you are finished kiting, we will come back to pick you and your pals up in our snow cat. Back at the lodge, enjoy a hot, homemade meal and take a dip in the hot tub!

If you want more freedom to explore and switch spots during the day, we can arrange snowmobile rentals depending on the number of days/sleds you need.

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Available Sleds Include

Two-seater snowmobile from $125- $175 per day (ideal sled for moving around 2 people and gear)


Contact us about options for rental mountain sleds and we can get you all set up.

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