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Pryor Mountain Mustangs

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Wild Horses Roaming Free

For nearly two hundred years, a herd of wild horses has roamed freely over the rugged landscape of the Pryor Mountains. They are descendants of horses from colonial Spanish and Portuguese explorers, and were brought to this region by Native American Tribes, particularly the Crow. We are able to understand their origins through genetic testing, and today they are considered to be rare and endangered. The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, established in 1968, covers nearly 38,000 acres of land and was the first public wild horse range established in the United States. One of the best places to spot the mustangs is along Highway 37 through the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, which is about a one hour drive from the Wyoming High Country Lodge.

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You can also book a full day excursion with The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center and go on top of the Pryor Mountains where you are guaranteed amazing experiences with the main herds. Go to for more information.

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