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Water Falls

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Hundreds to Discover

With so many mountain streams draining into the Bighorn Valley, there are literally hundreds of waterfalls in this region to discover. Two of the most spectacular are Porcupine Falls and Bucking Mule Falls. Porcupine Falls, which cascades down 250 feet of rock face, is accessible via a well maintained trail that even has a few built in steps to make the steep, one mile climb a bit easier. Bucking Mule Falls tumbles down a whopping 500 feet into Devil Canyon. The trail to reach Bucking Mule Falls overlook is about 2 miles long but over relatively flat terrain. There are a few more waterfalls who's location we like to keep to ourselves, but we are more than happy to share their locations with our guests! Just ask at the front desk and we will point you in the right direction.

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