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Always Fresh Snow, Always Enjoyable

Arguably the most commonly enjoyed sport during the winter at the Wyoming High Country Lodge, snowmobile enthusiasts come from all over to experience our incredible backcountry on their sleds.

Don't have your own sled? don't worry, we can put you in touch with a few rental companies we work with for Mountain Sleds.

Because our Lodge is so remote, (we are not accessible by car during the winter) there is little competition for fresh snow – which we get lots of! Come discover amazing basins, bowls, and secret winding trails in the Bighorns. The Wyoming High Country Lodge is a sled-in, sled-out destination. Guests can park their snowmobiles in our front yard right outside their room or cabin, and enjoy immediate access to the Bighorns. We also can provide transportation from Crystal Creek Rest Area for guests who do not have a legal method of transportation on groomed trails or if you need help with gear.

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